Thad Cochran: No Roads, Bridges, Or Economic Growth Without Me

On Thursday morning, June 13, at a trucking company in Richland, MS, Senator Thad Cochran again showed his true liberal and progressive colors in remarks attacking the conservative policies of Chris McDaniel and defending his own record of service in the United States Senate: “My opponent says he’s not going to spend money like I spend money. Well you not gonna have any roads and bridges and we’re not gonna have a lot of things that are essential to our economic betterment and growth opportunities if you follow his plan and cut all these programs.”

Three things are worth noting in this statement.  First, Cochran is espousing what is essentially the same philosophy held by Barack Obama, a belief in Keynesian economic theory, which holds that economic growth comes but by government spending.  There is nothing conservative or pro-free markets in his remark.

Second, how insulting this is to a free and independent people.  Cochran is essentially telling us that not only can we not have good infrastructure and economic growth without the federal government, he’s reminding us that we definitely can not have these things without him.  I guess we’ve only had roads and bridges in Mississippi since 1973 when Cochran arrived in Congress.  What an arrogant and insulting thing to say!

And third, once again he admits he is unwilling to cut any spending and balance the budget.  Big spending, high deficits, and debt will march on with Thad Cochran.

Senator Chris McDaniel is a true conservative who believes the best qualities in our society reside in the people.  Thad Cochran is a liberal who believes success and growth only comes from the benevolence of government.  On June 24 our choice is clear.



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