Politico: Michael Bloomberg, Sean Parker Gave to Thad Cochran PAC

Michael Bloomberg, Sean Parker Gave to Thad Cochran PAC

Alexander Burns, Politico, June 13, 2014

Cochran Rally

The chief super PAC supporting Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran’s reelection raised and spent nearly $2.2 million ahead of the June 3 primary, receiving big donations from national billionaires including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Napster founder Sean Parker and Texas real estate developer Harlan Crow, according to new disclosure documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

The pro-Cochran Mississippi Conservatives PAC reported spending nearly all its cash before June 3, ending the primary sprint with $54,000 in the bank. Cochran and his challenger, state Sen. Chris McDaniel, are now competing in a runoff vote on June 24.

The group got a big infusion of funds in the final weeks of the primary race: Parker, the former president of Facebook, gave $250,000 to Mississippi Conservatives PAC on May 16. Bloomberg gave the same sum three days later. On May 27, the company Crow Holdings contributed $25,000.

The Mississippi race is a rare spot where Bloomberg, whose main political cause since leaving office has been gun regulation, is on the same side of a fight as the National Rifle Association, which endorsed Cochran earlier this year.

Cochran’s allies have blasted McDaniel for relying on out-of-state political groups, such as the Club for Growth, to prop up his campaign financially. But Washington-based groups gave heavily to the Cochran-boosting PAC in the heat of the primary fight:

The GOP super PAC American Crossroads put $160,000 into Mississippi Conservatives. Main Street Advocacy, an arm of the middle-of-the-road Republican Main Street Partnership, kicked in $100,000. Texans for a Conservative Majority, a super PAC originally set up to support Texas Sen. John Cornyn’s reelection, gave $50,000.

Also chipping in were leadership PACs associated with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell ($50,000), Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker ($25,000), Ohio Sen. Rob Portman ($25,000) and Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt ($5,000).

Just look at all this outside money! Former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is one of the biggest gun grabbers in the country and also supports amnesty.  Sean Parker, the founder of Napster, is also a leftwing nut job who supports amnesty, gun control, legalization of marijuana, and increased taxation.  Nice company, Thad! – MCD


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