Deep South Progressive: Cochran Says He Grew Up Doing “All Kinds of Indecent Things With Animals”

From Deep South Progressive: Cochran Says He Grew Up Doing “All Kinds of Indecent Things With Animals”

Read through Geoff Pender’s report for the Clarion-Ledger‘s Wednesday on the Mississippi Senate primary runoff and you might think you’re reading a run-of-the-mill campaign news piece. That is, until you get to this part where Sen. Thad Cochran reminisces about his youth in the Pine Belt area:

Cochran was campaigning Tuesday in McDaniel’s stronghold of the Pine Belt, which gave McDaniel, who lives in nearby Ellisville, large margins in last week’s vote. But Cochran in a speech at Forrest General said his family has strong ties to the area, and he grew up visiting his father’s family often in nearby Richton. He joked that he grew up playing in the country, picking pecans and doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals” in the area.


Many of us in the South grew up playing in the country and picking pecans, but very few of us would add doing “all kinds of indecent things with animals” to that list. We’re left scratching our heads, trying to figure out what it meant. Was Cochran simply making a really crude joke, or was he just unaware that he was using very, very unfortunate phrasing to describe something less nefarious than what most of us think when we hear “all kinds of indecent things with animals”?

Cochran has been talking more in recent days than he had been before the June 3 primary. Tuesday, he called his opponent, Chris McDaniel “dangerous” and “an extremist.” But with Cochran’s bizarre comment about animals, we may finally have an idea as to why his handlers and campaign have been so reluctant to allow him to debate or speak to the media.

We agree with Deep South Progressive.  This is exactly why his handlers, namely Harper and Barbour, won’t let him debate, participate in town hall meetings, or sit for serious interviews.  Whether it was a poor attempt at humor, it is not the conduct one would expect from a sitting US Senator.  We believe this proves that it’s time for Thad Cochran to go home! – MCD



  1. Debbie Martineau says:

    This is further proof that we definitely do not need this man in office. If he knew what he was saying, then do we want someone like this representing our state? And if he didn’t realize what he was saying, then we do not need an elderly man who clearly suffers from some form of dementia either! If this is not enough to convince the voting public to cast a vote for McDaniel, then I don’t know what is!

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