McDanielmentum: Past Few Days Have Been Huge for Chris McDaniel and What Could Be Next

Throughout the campaign for US Senate in Mississippi, Senator Chris McDaniel has been attacked and accused of all kinds of things, much of which would have undone a lesser man.

But it has not undone Senator McDaniel. He has survived and now we are seeing this new word, McDanielmentum, coming full circle. It started with a Brietbart article talking about McDaniel picking up an endorsement from Haley Barbour’s brother, Jeppie. Jeppie of course is also the father of Henry and Austin Barbour.

This started the movement that has spread over the past few days. McDaniel supporters started posting the word on social media every time something big happened for the campaign.

Next came word of an endorsement from former presidential candidate and Mississippi Presidential primary winner Rick Santorum. Then we heard that McDaniel was holding a rally with a major national conservative. Of course we all know that major national figure was Sarah Palin. And in an event that was only announced roughly 15 hours in advance, they still drew over 1000 people, as many in the area gave up their lunch breaks to be a part of the event.

Then more McDanielmentum, as word came that Santorum was coming to coast to hold an event for McDaniel as well. Poll numbers start coming in and they are showing Senator McDaniel with a lead. Even Cochran’s own skewed Harper poll showed bad news for the incumbent, as McDaniel was within 5 points in a poll skewed to favor Cochran.

Then we get word that Cochran stated that he was happy with Obamacare. Of course his handlers claim he misspoke but this might be another clear sign of why Thad needs to come home. And we cannot go without mentioning the fact that Thad’s team is currently trying to reach out to Democrats to crossover and vote for Thad. This is a move that comes out of desperation. It clearly shows Cochran’s own people fear he is losing the race.

So with Tuesday coming up, is this the last of the McDanielmentum or is there one more huge event coming up on the eve of the election? No reports yet but people on social media have been speculating that one more huge rally could be coming. While we have no inside information nor are we claiming to have any, speculation can be fun.

We’ve heard a lot during the campaign about sending Senator McDaniel to Washington as reinforcements for Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. We know Cruz and Lee were in New Orleans this past weekend. Could we see one more big rally with Cruz and Lee? Anything is possible. And if such an event happened it would be another example of finishing strong.

Of course if we don’t, no one can argue against the McDanielmentum we’ve seen this weekend. The next couple of days should be exciting nonetheless. It appears McDaniel’s base is extremely excited and full of energy.

On the other side of the race, Cochran’s base seems to be running on fumes. They appear to be out of steam and trying to come up with cheap acts of desperation.

The two camps are running in opposite directions. And in most cases, the side that has energy and passion is usually more successful than the one that has been dragging.

So no matter if we see another major rally featuring more big names, the Big Mo is clearly on Chris McDaniel’s side. McDanielmentum is spreading at the right time.


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