Lee Yancy: Why I am Voting for Chris McDaniel

By former Senator Lee Yancey

If you are like me, one thing is certain. Next Tuesday, June 3rd, cannot come soon enough. As Jerry Clower once said, “Just shoot up in here amongst us. One of us has got to have some relief!” The Mississippi Senate race of 2014 has devolved into one of the most negative campaigns in my memory.

I was four years old when Thad Cochran was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1972. His representation of Mississippi is all I have ever known. In 1978, when Thad Cochran was elected to the United States Senate, I was a ten-year old boy in Saltillo, MS, more concerned with my Little League baseball team and seeing how far I could stretch Stretch Armstrong.

Over the years, I, like many, took pride in the fact that Mississippi’s two senators had risen so high in our country’s leadership. Trent Lott became the Senate Majority Leader and Thad Cochran became the chairman of the Appropriations Committee. Senator Cochran’s position on the Appropriations Committee ensured that he would be instrumental in how the government of the United States would spend the tax dollars of the hard-working American people.

As I look back over the years I see two distinct patterns of spending: one is the fact that Senator Thad Cochran, through the earmarking process, sent millions of dollars, home to Mississippi for a variety of projects. The other pattern I see is that the debt of the United States has grown to nearly eighteen trillion dollars ($18,000,000,000,000).

When earmarks were banned in 2010, Senator Cochran’s preferred method of sending money back to Mississippi ended. All the while, He continued voting to increase the debt limit so that the United States could borrow more money to meet the obligations of a Congress that could not and would not address their addiction to spending.

In the most recent farm bill that Senator Cochran championed, nearly 80% was for food stamps issued by the federal government. Senator Cochran brushed that fact aside and was quoted as saying, “It helps get the farm bill passed.”

As the federal government continues to grow larger, our debt increases exponentially. Our unfunded liabilities in Social Security and Medicare create an ever-widening gap endangering the benefits promised to those who have paid into the system. Obamacare increases taxes for businesses and socializes healthcare. Senator Cochran was quoted as saying that “Obamacare is too far gone to stop.” Apparently, he has no intention of working to repeal it.

I am not mad at Senator Cochran. I wish him long life and good health. But the problems in Washington D.C. are not going away and he seems reluctant to address them.

When I was elected to the Mississippi State Senate in 2007, I was privileged to be among an outstanding group of freshman senators. I learned quickly that the new senator from the Free State of Jones, Chris McDaniel, was one of the smartest men I had ever met. His gift of grasping the issues and fighting for them from the well of the Senate was impressive.

I have never known anyone who could articulate the values of our founding fathers like Chris McDaniel does reminding all of us of how beholden we are to the framers of the Constitution of the United States. I fought shoulder to shoulder with Chris McDaniel to prevent the government’s abuse of eminent domain when they sought to take away the private property of Mississippi land owners in order to give it to a business that could generate more tax dollars.

I recounted the story of how Ahab and Jezebel plotted to take Naboth’s vineyard in 1 Kings 21. King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard because it adjoined his palace. Jezebel had him killed and presented the property to Ahab. Government overreach has been happening for thousands of years!

Senator McDaniel incorporated the details of the Kelo vs. City of New London decision and may other eminent domain cases and presented a fabulous defense of property rights. I think his speech was a lot better than mine!

We fought together against illegal immigration and the cost burden that it was creating for Mississippi taxpayers.

I have known Chris McDaniel as a man of courage in facing tough opposition. I have known him as a brilliant attorney and I have known him as a family man, a loving husband to his wife Jill and a loving father to his sons Cambridge and Chamberlain. He is a strong Christian with whom I have prayed with on many occasions.

I know Senator Chris McDaniel and I know that he will fight to support limited and smaller government. He will fight to decrease our country’s debt and unfunded liabilities. I know that he will fight for the rights of the unborn. I know that he will fight for our 2nd Amendment gun rights.

Our founding fathers never intended for Senators and Representatives to serve life-long terms in our Congress. Senator McDaniel has pledged to serve two terms.

He is a man of integrity and character and I am proud to endorse him as my candidate for the United States Senate.

About Lee: Senator Lee Yancey served in the MS Senate from 2008-2012 and was a candidate for State Treasurer in 2011. Yancey is an Investment Advisor Representative with Woodridge Capital Portfolio Management in Ridgeland.



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