Senator McDaniel Releases Statement Commemorating Memorial Day

Republican Chris McDaniel released a statement today commemorating Memorial Day:

“This Memorial Day we remember the sacrifices of our soldiers—the men and women who paid the ultimate price that we might remain free. Every man and woman who has fallen in the fight defending our country deserves our gratitude and respect,” McDaniel said.

“It is because of the sacrifice of our brave soldiers that we enjoy the blessings of freedom and security for ourselves and future generations,” McDaniel continued. “Their tireless fight for our nation has provided us with the liberties that we enjoy today, so the men and women in our armed forces deserve all our prayers and support. They have answered the call to fight for the United States and put their lives at risk, and for that we are forever indebted to them.”

“Every soldier who has died in the fight for the United States deserves honor and respect. We cherish the bravery and service of all those who answered the call to defend our nation, and support those who continue the fight,” he said.

“It is now our duty to guard the promises they fought to defend. We must keep a thankful nation’s promises to those who return from battle and to the families of those who do not,” he said. “This Memorial day as we remember their sacrifice and the sacrifices of all our military families, please join with me in giving our sincerest thanks to all our soldiers past and present.”

Chris McDaniel is a constitutional conservative running for United States Senate. He represents District 42 in the Mississippi State Senate in his second term where he fights for individual liberty, free markets and fiscal responsibility in government.  Please visit


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