McDaniel Campaign Calls on Senator Cochran to Denounce Super PAC

McDaniel Campaign Press Release

May 20, 2014

Laurel, MS – The campaign for conservative Senate candidate Chris McDaniel called on Senator Thad Cochran to publicly denounce the pro-Cochran super PAC that has potentially broken federal election law in its effort to attack McDaniel.

According to Breitbart News, Tea Party Patriots have filed a second FEC complaint against the Cochran super PAC for “refusing to disclose information required by law to be reported to the FEC: namely, the identity of any ‘guarantor’ or ‘endorser’ of a loan to a federal political committee.”

According to news reports last week, the Cochran super PAC had received a $250,000 loan from Trustmark National Bank and claimed the loan was being secured by “an unidentified third party.”

However, the refusal to disclose the name of the guarantor constitutes an illegal campaign contribution.

“With Senator Cochran now trailing Chris McDaniel, it’s clear the Cochran campaign and his cronies will do almost anything to turn this race around, but breaking the law is crossing the line,” said McDaniel spokesman Noel Fritch. Senator Cochran should call on his super PAC to disclose the name of the illegal contribution and insist the super PAC cease and desist all activity on his behalf.”

Two recent polls this week showed Chris McDaniel leading Senator Cochran in the June 3rd primary, making McDaniel the definitive frontrunner. Citizens United Political Victory Fund released a poll showing McDaniel leading 43%-39%.Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund released a poll showing McDaniel leading 43%-39%.


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