Sun Herald Letter: Cochran Has Been In Office Long Enough

Teresa Taylor: Cochran Has Been In Office Long Enough

Why won’t Thad Cochran debate? Because he can’t defend his votes to confirm John Kerry and Chuck Hagel, to disarm us “unilaterally,” to send money to Egypt after the Muslim Brotherhood took over, to cut veterans benefits and to fund abortion in D.C. Voted against Obamacare 100 times? Impossible. Harry Reid hasn’t ever let that vote come up in the Senate. Cochran has voted for every debt ceiling increase, essentially funding Obamacare each time. He has said it isn’t worth trying to stop Obamacare. He is the King of Pork and proud of it. But nothing he has ever “brought home” was a gift. We pay for it.

He and Haley Barbour are good at throwing mud at Chris McDaniel. McDaniel is not a trial lawyer, he is a defense attorney who voted for tort reform. He supports term limits. He never said he wouldn’t help Mississippi in a disaster. He said he would read the bill and be sure the help went where it was needed. He voted against the meth bill because all it did was take cold medicine off the shelves so we can’t buy it. Meth makers can still get it across the state line and they do. The meth problem is no better than it was before the law was passed.

Thad Cochran has been in office long enough. Don’t let him get away with unfairly discrediting McDaniel. At least check out the facts at




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