Mississippi Gun News McDaniel Monday: Conservatives Line-Up to Endorse Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate

Conservatives Line-Up to Endorse Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate

By Dana Criswell, Mississippi Gun News, May 19, 2014

As we approach the June 3 primary conservatives throughout the state of Mississippi are lining up to endorse Sen. Chris McDaniel for U.S. Senate. Mississippi, the most conservative state in the union, is finally realizing that we need someone in Washington who truly represents our beliefs.

I’ve been told that we can not take a chance on anyone new like Chris McDaniel and we must understand that some of Cochran’s liberal votes were simply “strategic moves” to prevent something even worse. So far “strategic moves” by Cochran, Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell and others like them have got Obama elected twice, Obamacare forced on the American people, Americans killed in Benghazi, an IRS that targets conservatives, and a national debt that is bankrupting our country.

These same apologist for Cochran tell me that even though he has compromised other conservative beliefs he would never compromise the Second Amendment. But Cochran did support Joe Biden’s legislation that would ban assault weapons, and he voted for legislation that requires gun dealers supply safety locks for all handguns. So he has compromised on the Second Amendment and if it suits Cochran’s “strategic move” he will compromise on it again.

I have been forced to vote for the lessor of two evils all of my adult life. I will not compromise anymore. Do we take a chance? No, we do not take a chance, we vote out people like Cochran and McConnell. Why would we take a chance on them, they have had years and years to fix things and so far all they have given us is less freedom, less liberty, and more debt. So I will not take a chance on them ever again.

The risky move for Kentucky is to re-elect McConnell and hope he changes and becomes principled and conservative. The risky move for Mississippi is to vote for Cochran and hope that after 36 years of liberal voting he becomes a conservative.

I also want to protect the Second Amendment but men like McConnell and Cochran have proven they will compromise any issue to achieve their goal. If we want to protect the Second Amendment then you must vote for men and women who actually believe in its principle.

For Kentucky that means voting for Matt Bevin, for Mississippi that means voting for Chris McDaniel.


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