Another Young Grad Student Attacks Senator McDaniel With Lies, Distortions, and Cheap Shots

In the pages of the newspaper, in Northeast Mississippi, David Clarke, a young graduate student at MSU and an intern with Senator Cochran in Washington, filled up valuable space with nothing more than falsehoods and cheap political shots directed at Senator Chris McDaniel. This is the second attack piece on Senator McDaniel by that rag of a newspaper in the last week.  To the first one we also responded.

I’m not sure where young David Clarke learned all his “facts” and rhetoric found in his article but I’m guessing from Cochran’s folks in DC and from all the years he has spent in a classroom. He, like Sean Higgins of Ole Miss, is a testament to the complete worthlessness of higher education in this country.  It makes you wonder why the Cochran camp continues to parade out college kids to do some of their dirty work.

This sham of an editorial is so full of lies, distortions, and cheap shots that I thought I would simply take them one at a time and dispel the vile invective hurled at a great state senator by a young kid who has no life experiences whatsoever.

“Tea Party extremist Chris McDaniel is … irresponsibly misleading voters by trying to paint Cochran as a big spender.”

So believing in limited government, federalism, low taxes, no debt, and strict constitutionalism is extremism? Young Clarke must realize that’s essentially what King George called American patriots in 1776, great men like Sam Adams, Patrick Henry, and Thomas Jefferson.  Not bad company at all.

But it’s not hard to paint Thad Cochran as a big spender. About the only people on the planet that don’t seem to know that are Thad Cochran, his intern David Clarke, and the Mississippi (Non) Conservatives PAC. The real truth here is that Cochran’s supporters are trying to paint him as a true conservative, which he is most certainly not. No serious pundit would ever say Thad Cochran is a conservative. In fact, he’s usually called a moderate (i.e. liberal in disguise). True conservatives are not known as the “King of Pork,” something Senator McDaniel will never be labeled.

“Relying on canned talking points from his D.C.-based backers, McDaniel tries to blame the national debt on Cochran’s success in fighting for Mississippi in Washington. Someone needs to tell McDaniel that erasing everything Cochran’s done for Mississippi wouldn’t reduce the debt one cent. Every dollar Cochran has brought to Mississippi would have been spent elsewhere.”

To the young accountant I say yes, reducing spending is kind of how it works.  Stopping the massive spending spree would balance the budget and create surpluses that can then be used to reduce the national debt.  But what Young Clarke is basically arguing is that since everyone else is getting their share, then we better get ours too.  Not a very smart fiscal approach.  More on that later.

I’ve actually attended many of Senator McDaniel’s speeches over the years and I can say that there is nothing “canned” about his remarks. He usually speaks without notes. But if Young Clarke had actually heard him speak, he would know that. Senator McDaniel has a grasp of the issues like no one I’ve ever seen.

“McDaniel, who is a trial lawyer, is trying to stoke the fires of voter disenchantment by throwing around ‘constitution,’ ‘liberty,’ and ‘courage.’ This does not qualify him to be a U.S. senator. Mississippians should reject his empty rhetoric.”

Young Clarke must be against the Constitution, liberty, and courage for it’s obvious he has great disdain for those words. We are seeing his true liberal colors now.  I guess his short time as an intern in the DC cesspool has already warped his thinking.

So what exactly qualifies Thad Cochran to be a Senator?  Perhaps being an out-of-control spend-a-holic who masqueraded as a limited government conservative when he first ran in 1978? But I guess Young Clarke wouldn’t know about that because it was well before his time!

“McDaniel won’t tell you that our debt is being driven by entitlement programs, not annual discretionary programs. The Appropriations Committee, where Cochran is the most senior Republican, only has control over the latter.

Discretionary spending is considered by the Appropriations Committee every year and provides support for priorities like our military, veterans, and research.

Appropriations does not have jurisdiction over mandatory spending for entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare, which were put on autopilot by laws passed in 1939 and 1965. The only way to truly rein in federal spending without raising taxes is to reform these programs.

Discretionary appropriations, where Cochran plays a key role, have remained relatively constant for the past 50 years, and that spending has been significantly reduced in recent years, thanks in large part to his leadership.

Chris McDaniel won’t tell you that.”

But he has told us that, if Young Clarke had actually listened to what he has been saying for the past six months of this campaign, and for years before that. In fact, Chris McDaniel was talking about these issues when Young Clarke was playing with GI Joes.

And we the people of this great state do understand the federal budget. We also understand that it is precisely the discretionary budget where liberals seek to balance the budget, particularly with massive cuts to defense, which Cochran has done nothing to stop. In fact he voted for Chuck Hagel for Defense Secretary, the architect of the latest round of devastating cuts. That’s sloppy work or poor judgment at best, incompetence at worst.

And just because Cochran sits on the Appropriations Committee does not tie his hands from working in other areas. In 42 years in Congress, he has NEVER proposed a plan that would actually reform entitlements, or balance the budget for that matter. Senator McDaniel has discussed this issue in detail. He favors entitlement reform, something the liberals in Washington have fought against for decades, Cochran among them.

“The Appropriations Committee has no control over how big the annual federal spending pie is. Overall pie size is set by separate legislation written by a different committee. Appropriations only controls how the pie is sliced and served.

Once the pie size is locked in for the year, Cochran always muscles up for bigger slices for Mississippi. It’s practical and possible to fight for both smaller pies and bigger slices.

If the government is going to build a ship, Cochran says build it in Pascagoula. If the government is going to research how to increase agricultural yields, research it at MSU. If it’s going to be done anyway, don’t surrender it to California or New York or Chicago.”

Here’s the problem with that line of argument: Yes Cochran fights for Mississippi’s slice, but so do Senators from California, New York, and Illinois, and everywhere else. They fight and get theirs too, and that’s the problem. Everybody wants a big slice, and they usually get it. As the late, great Margaret Thatcher used to say about socialism, pretty soon you run out of other people’s money. And that is what is happening to our country. Thad Cochran and Company have run out of our money and we are sitting at nearly $18 trillion in national debt and more than $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities to prove it.  Someone is going to have to pay for all this one day.  Those bills will come due.

Does the young accountant think this profligate spending can continue forever?  It makes you wonder just what Young Clarke has been learning in his accounting classes or in his internship. Come to think of it, though, he’d probably be a good bookkeeper for the government. He seems to love big spending! But don’t let him have your books, or you just might end up in jail.

“McDaniel spoke at MSU recently, declaring to a sparse crowd that he wants to be like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Utah Sen. Mike Lee. Asked to name one specific instance when either of those politicians was successful in reducing spending or helping his home state, McDaniel was stumped. The correct answer to both of those questions is, ‘There is none.’”

No, the correct answer is that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul have taken on Harry Reid in the Senate and fought the radical socialist Obama agenda at every turn, issues ranging from Obamacare and federal spending to drones and NSA spying. Even though they are in the minority and have fewer options with which to fight, that has not stopped them from taking the field of battle each and every day.  With Chris McDaniel, they will have a strong ally to continue the battle for liberty in the US Senate.

Here is a good question for Young Clarke: Since you served in Cochran’s DC office, what fights has Thad Cochran waged against Obama? When has he stood up against the administration? We all hear about what a great leader he is, but when he had the chance, during the Cruz stand against Obamacare funding, he was nowhere to be found, not unlike this campaign where he has refused to debate Senator McDaniel, host town halls, or answer questions from the voters. But I wouldn’t either if I had a record as atrocious as his.

But perhaps Young Clarke saved his biggest cheap shot for last, with this eloquent gem:

“What McDaniel really seems to want is fame. He says whatever he thinks gets him on TV. Cochran simply goes to work every day to fight for Mississippi, no fanfare.”

“I recommend McDaniel actually show up for his current job and learn to be an effective state legislator. Leave the complex, serious problems of our time to someone who understands the responsibility of representing all Mississippians: Thad Cochran.”

Well, we completely debunked the lies thrown out by the Cochran camp on Senator McDaniel’s voting and attendance record. Young Clarke should read our slam-dunk piece and educate himself before perpetuating garbage.

What young folks, like Clarke, don’t seem to understand is that there are those of us, like Senator McDaniel, who actually do seek a better country, who believe in the ideals of the Founders, and who want a government that is strictly limited by the restraints in the Constitution (which Clarke obviously has not read or studied). We are not interested in fame or fortune, just good government and a brighter future for our children and grandchildren. What’s wrong with that?

This young man, David Clarke of MSU, is obviously not one of us, though. He’s an inexperienced, wet-behind-the-ears liberal masking as a Republican, who thinks he knows everything because he studies accounting and interned for Cochran in DC. But he has no concept of the problems we face or how dangerously close we are to bankruptcy. Perhaps when he gets out on his own and begins working and creating wealth, instead of living off of someone else’s, his thinking might change.  It certainly has for many.

Those of us who live in the real world, who get our hands dirty working for a living, who have raised children, who pay thousands of dollars in taxes to the IRS every year, who fund state universities so kids like Young Clarke can go to school, who have scrimped and saved for decades to have a nice retirement one day, are very worried this republic is slipping away from us, that we are losing our liberties, that all we have sacrificed for is being destroyed by the corruption in Washington. We see it. We do understand the “complex, serious problems” we face and understand it’s time for a change.

But we don’t need a young kid in college to tell us we are wrong for supporting a great statesman like Chris McDaniel for US Senate. Despite the ignorance of Young Clarke, Senator McDaniel has been a skilled state legislator, has fought hard for principles in Jackson, and will, in the words of Mark Levin, make “an outstanding Senator” in Washington.


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