Joe Nosef should clarify other Mississippi Pol associations with neo-confederate organizations and past racist comments

Recently, MS GOP Chairman Joe Nosef and the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) have been talking to the liberal media, including MSNBC and Chris Matthews, claiming the party needs to vet candidates like state Senator Chris McDaniel.

They claim that the left’s attacks on candidates for will be used to marginalize potential nominees.

We agree. You see, it seems Joe Nosef and his party might not have vetted their chosen candidate, Thad Cochran, very vigorously, and he certainly is not calling for Thad Cochran to clarify his positions on the laundry list of Confederate associations the senior leaders in the MS GOP carry.

To wit, the MS GOP, Phil Bryant and Trent Lott should examine their candidate, Thad Cochran. Allow us to help.

Thad Cochran has a long history of associations with segregationists, facts that he admits in his official Senate biography.

“As early as 1951, Cochran accompanied his mother as she drove through her hometown of Utica, and helped deliver door to door a campaign tabloid for the [Democrat] Paul B. Johnson, Jr. campaign for Governor. His father was a surrogate in the campaigns of Felder Dearman for Highway Commissioner and Jack Tubb for State Superintendent of Education. Cochran often traveled with his father and helped with voter registration for these campaigns.

“Later, Thad Cochran became active in other political campaigns on his own. He appeared on television for the first time to endorse Fred Thomas for Sheriff of Hinds County in 1967. He was Hinds County Chairman in Brad Dye’s successful race for State Treasurer, and he wrote talking points and issue briefs for [staunch segregationist] Charles Sullivan’s campaign for Governor in 1971.” (Cochran Senate Biography, 12/9/2013) ​

Cochran also opposed ending apartheid. For example, Thad Cochran voted to keep Nelson Mandela in jail, according to The Jackson Clarion-Ledger

Appallingly, Thad Cochran refused to sign a Senate Resolution apologizing for failing to pass anti-lynching legislation. Trent Lott, who plans to endorse Thad, also refused to sign the resolution.

Thad Cochran also gives interviews with “neo-confederate periodicals Nosef fears, including Southern Partisan, which refers to as a “neo-Confederate periodical.”

In 1979, Cochran supported Jimmy Carter’s racist judicial nominee state circuit judge L.T. Senter.  (The Washington Post, 11/30/1979; The Associated Press, 12/21/1979)

According to Project Vote Smart, Thad Cochran is rated 0% by the NAACP.

Joe Nosef seems very concerned about candidates speaking to the Sons of Confederate Veterans. But Nosef should be very concerned, then, because Phil Bryant, the Governor of Mississippi, is a member, as is former Senator Trent Lott.

Chairman Nosef should also call for Haley Barbour to clear up his associations and comments.

Politico has covered Barbour’s racist comments as well. “He will be reincarnated as a watermelon and placed at the mercy of blacks,” Barbour said of John Stennis during his campaign to unseat the long-time U.S. Senator in 1982.

The Washington Post reports Haley Barbour apparently has fond memories of Jim Crow era.  “I don’t remember it being that bad,” he said, referring to pre civil rights Mississippi.

As recently as 2010, Barbour gave a Klansman a lead role in Katrina cleanup.

As for Nosef, he worked for Phil Bryant, as his Chief of Staff, and also worked as campaign manager for Haley Barbour’s reelection campaign.

If Mississippi GOP Chair Joe Nosef still maintains that Chris McDaniel needs to clear up the liberal lies promulgated by Y’all Politics and The Daily Kos, Joe should renounce his associations with Phil Bryant and Haley Barbour.



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