Despite Silence During The Primary, Sun Herald Criticizes Cochran For Not Debating

In an October 16 editorial that simply defies belief, the Sun Herald criticized Senator Thad Cochran for refusing to debate his opponents.  But where was this criticism during the primary season?  Why were they silent when Cochran refused to debate Senator Chris McDaniel for months?  All we can say is that its just more trash from the lame stream media! – MCD

Here is the editorial in its entirety:

Cochran should stop ducking debates

By all accounts, Thad Cochran was a reluctant candidate for re-election to the U.S. Senate. He kept other would-be contenders waiting months before deciding to seek a seventh six-year term.

While we were among those who welcomed his candidacy, we have been disappointed in his campaign.

Most disheartening has been Cochran’s refusal to engage his opponents in face-to-face debates.

Offers to host such encounters have been made by organizations and institutions and media outlets across the state.

But throughout the primary campaign and thus far in the general election campaign, Cochran has refused to either defend his record or define his goals for a seventh term in a public exchange with his opponents.

The voters of Mississippi deserve better from their senior member of Congress.

If this is indeed Cochran’s “last hurrah,” then it ought to display the best the candidate has to offer.

Instead, Cochran acts as if all he need do is make sure his name is on the ballot to win.

The challenge for the Republican nomination mounted — and still not abandoned — by state Sen. Chris McDaniel of Ellisville proved that quite a few Mississippians are unmoved by an aloof officeholder seeking their vote.

McDaniel was as aggressive a campaigner as Cochran was a complacent one.

Somewhere in between those campaign styles is Cochran’s Democratic challenger, former congressman Travis Childers of Booneville.

Like McDaniel, Childers has said he would basically go anywhere, anytime to debate Cochran. And also like McDaniel, Childers has been ignored by Cochran.

That’s the safe, timid move for Cochran. But it is a disservice to his constituents.

Jackson Free Press: Pro-Cochran All Citizens for Mississippi PAC Files FEC Report Despite Founder’s Africa Trip

All Citizens Files Reports Despite Founder’s Africa Trip

By Anna Wolfe, Jackson Free Press, October 17, 2014

Bishop Ronnie Crudup of New Horizon Church International left for Africa on Oct. 7, but that didn’t delay the filing of the Federal Election Commission report for his super PAC, All Citizens for Mississippi, which was due Oct. 15.JRA_Ronnie_Crudup_TB_t320

You can view the documents here: All Citizens For Mississippi FEC Report

Included in the report are donations from Haley and Henry Barbour’s super PAC, Mississippi Conservatives, in the amount of $10,000 and an outstanding debt to American Media & Advocacy Group for the amount of $20,577.81.

The super PAC got attention after influencing the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate election between incumbent Thad Cochran and Sen. Chris McDaniel in June, in which Cochran won by 7,667 votes.

All Citizens, which is a pro-Sen. Thad Cochran committee, is best known for distributing racially charged radio advertisements telling African Americans to vote for the incumbent. The bishop, who founded the super PAC, came under fire for not reporting all of his donations and expenses in July after the McDaniel-Cochran run-off June 24. [Read more...]

Upholding the Constitution: The Backbone of True Conservatism

By Ryan S. Walters

In recent months, hacks for the establishment have continued their assault on Chris McDaniel and his supporters, especially ridiculing the new labels “McGOP” and “McDaniel Republicans” that have begun making rounds on social media.

The reason for the distinctive tags is quite simple really: It separates us from them, the true conservatives from the establishment, those of us who hold tight to conservative principles and those who clearly do not, although they would like us to constitutional-conventionbelieve they do.

And most importantly, it separates those of us who believe in upholding the original purity of the Constitution from those who believe it is an old, ambiguous document that should change with the times. Yes, many Establishment Republicans obviously believe in the progressive “Living Constitution” hogwash. [Read more...]

We Should Be Skeptical Of Governor Bryant’s Election Year Stand With Conservatives

As this midterm campaign season winds down, to the relief of most of the nation, a new one is just getting underway in Mississippi. Next year state elections will determine the occupants of every state office and control of the legislature. And there is ample evidence that Governor Phil Bryant is slyly shifting his political position in order to gain the support of the state’s vast conservative bloc of voters.10.4-Bryant-with-Tom-King-and-Terrell-Tisdale-copy

During the summer months, Governor Bryant came out against Common Core, the hotly debated education program loathed by conservatives across the country, even though Thad Cochran supports it.

We have a few questions for him: What took so long? Common Core has not changed, so why did you wait until now? Where were you when conservatives took a stand against it on the Senate floor? [Read more...]

Bozell: Karl Rove Is Ruining the GOP

Karl Rove is ruining the GOP

Brent Bozell, Politico, October 7, 2014


Karl Rove recently tried to advise Republicans on how the party can more effectively take back the Senate in November. He made two main suggestions.

One was that Republican candidates must “make the case for electing someone new who will be a check and balance in the Senate on Mr. Obama and his agenda, rather than returning a Democratic loyalist who toes his line.” Rove’s second suggestion was that the party should “offer a positive, optimistic conservative agenda to make independents who disapprove of Mr. Obama comfortable voting Republican.”

Rove is right on both counts, especially about offering a positive and optimistic conservative agenda.

But there’s one big problem. This advice is coming from Karl Rove. [Read more...]

More Bias From Mississippi’s Media: Clarion Ledger Allows Attack on Senator Chris McDaniel


As conservatives we are accustomed to bias in the national media.  It just comes with the territory.  We all know the Big Three networks will slant coverage, kill stories that hurt Democrats, and inflate those that hit Republicans.  Anyone who does not understand that is either extraordinarily ignorant or flat-out stupid.

Sadly, in our own conservative state of Mississippi the media is not much better.  Case in point, a recent letter to the editor of the Clarion Ledger.  A Mr. Gary J. Rogers of Madison wrote in support of Thad Cochran’s nomination for the US Senate, at least that’s the inference from the title – Cochran clearly the best choice – and the first few lines of his piece.  But it’s really nothing more than a hit piece on Chris McDaniel. [Read more...]

TPNN: Chris McDaniel Has New Life To His Challenge Of Thad Cochran’s Tainted Victory

Chris McDaniel Has New Life To His Challenge Of Thad Cochran’s Tainted Victory

By  Jennifer Burke, Tea Party News Network, October 2, 2014


Chris McDaniel has been fighting what he believes is a corrupt system following his unexpected loss in the GOP Senate run-off in Mississippi. His opponent, incumbent Thad Cochran, was accused, with evidence, of paying black voters to illegally vote in the run-off, as they had already voted in the Democrat primary and had no intention on voting Republican in the general election, and using another sleazy, lie-based tactic. [Read more...]


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