Ted Cruz at the 2015 NRA Annual Meeting

Awesome speech! And they say this man can’t beat Hillary!

Ted Cruz 2016: “A Time for Truth”

Ted Cruz: “Stand up for truth and do what you said you would do.”

McDaniel: Cruz, Paul and Extremism

By Senator Chris McDaniel


Those of us who follow the tenets of conservatism know the tired, worn-out campaign catchwords and phrases well: Extremist, Radical, Fanatic, Zealot, Racist, Arsonist.

And the sad part is that most of these insults originate not from Democrats but from our fellow Republicans, who engender despicable primary disputes, making the Left’s job much easier in general elections.

This is precisely why Ronald Reagan crafted his famous 11th Commandment: Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.

Reagan, however, was not implying that we should never criticize or even challenge other Republicans, as he himself challenged a sitting GOP President in 1976, only that we should refrain from the kind of harsh and vile attack lines that Democrats utilize against us. [Read more…]

Senator Chris McDaniel Debates SB 2161

From the Mississippi Senate Floor on March 31, 2015.

Senator Melanie Sojourner Interview with Bryan Fischer

Senator Melanie Sojourner discusses with Bryan Fischer her desire that Governor Phil Bryant veto SB 2161.

Senator Melanie Sojourner Discusses Common Core

United Conservatives Fund interview with Senator Melanie Sojourner.

Plunkett: SB 2161 Perpetuates Statism of Common Core

Gov. Bryant should exercise his veto power and wipe the slate clean.

By Keith Plunkett | UCF Staff

PlunkettThe argument from the protectors of the bureaucracy who are against Gov. Phil Bryant using his veto authority to do away with SB 2161 has moved from blind allegiance (But, look so many legislators voted for it. It must be good, right?); to political apology (Sorry, we did the best we could do. We’ll get ‘em next time); to personal attacks (The opposition to SB 2161 is nothing other than some looking for a political issue to champion); to half-hearted attempts to misrepresent the facts completely (But the bill does what the governor said he wanted to do in a speech).

The fact that the argument for SB 2161 and against a veto keeps changing should be enough to raise a red flag. This bill is crap, and those attempting to protect politicians in this election cycle from the wrath of the voters know it. The supporters of the status quo can’t settle on an argument for too long lest it be shown for what it truly is: an empty excuse to try and get past this as soon as possible. [Read more…]


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