GOFF: Will Corder’s Wishful Thinking Wisk Conservatives Away?

Y’all Politics’ Frank Corder Lazily Shills for the Establishment

By Trey Goff

One of the hallmarks of the establishment is their persistence in wishing conservatives would go away and stop bothering them so they can continue practicing their crony corporatist government syndicalism unimpeded by the likes of the grassroots.

Frank Corder’s latest cheerleading effort for his pals’ graft is no exception. [Read more...]

We Are All McDaniel Republicans Now

With today’s dismissal of Chris McDaniel’s legal challenge on a technicality, we must look to the future.  No, this is not a call to support the Republican in the general election in November.  It is about the future of our party and a call to action to take it back from the Establishment hacks who have hijacked it.

Let us use this court decision to motivate us, not to sadden us.  Today we must begin an important transition, to return our party to its conservative principles.  It was the Party of Reagan.  It can be again.  This party belongs to us and it’s time to reclaim it for true conservatives.


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Shocker: Judge McGehee Dismisses McDaniel Legal Challenge

Was he bought off?  True conservatives and supporters of Chris McDaniel had high hopes when the state supreme court named Judge Hollis McGehee to oversee the court challenge.  And judging from his remarks during the case’s first hearing, he seemed to be an honest judge interested in doing what was right.  Being a minister and man of God, how could we have expected any less from him?  He indicated his intention to decide the case based on the will of the voters and that even if Cochran were elected in November he had the power to unseat him if he were not the legitimate nominee.  McGehee also granted the McDaniel team the right to gather their evidence and had sent letters to all 82 counties advising them to preserve the evidence.  He even set dates for the trial to begin.  The case seemed to be progressing forward.

But all of a sudden today he has reversed himself 180 degrees, dismissing the legal challenge on the basis of a deadline that the Secretary of State’s office is on record as saying did not exist.

Judge McGehee said this as he issued his ruling: “The court is faced with the undisputed facts that Sen. McDaniel filed his complaint with the state Republican executive committee 41 days after the date of the election. The law requires that it be done in 20 days. It’s not a question of whether I think that’s good law or whether I think it should be that way or not be that way. The question is, what is the law? And when you don’t meet that requirement, then you’re not entitled to come in the door of the courthouse, so to speak, with a lawsuit.”

The question is who got to McGehee?  Was he paid off?  Or was he threatened?  Having seen the Barbour machine in action in this Senate race, we must entertain the possibility.

Does this seem unreasonable?  Did McGehee not know the law on the first day’s hearing, or the hearing held the previous day?  But all of a sudden today he invokes a law that should have been set aside given the hurdles the McDaniel team had to jump over to gather their evidence?  So now all the corrupt side has to do is delay an election challenge past the 20 day mark and they can get away with anything?  It won’t be tough to do for a statewide election.

Now all that remains is for the McDaniel team to appeal to the state supreme court, the very judges who appointed McGehee.  Let us not get our hopes up.  But let us face facts.  Our democracy is a sham and the laughingstock of the world.

Should we fail at the state supreme court, true conservatives and supporters of Chris McDaniel should undertake but one position:  Vote Travis Childers and sink the Barbour/Cochran machine once and for all.

Senator Chris McDaniel: ‘Election Stolen Unethically’

Midsouth Sentinel: Despite Media Reports, No Deadline to File Election Challenge

Is it too late for Chris McDaniel’s post-runoff lawsuit? Ummm well according to the SECRETARY OF STATE’S OFFICE…NO!

Midsouth Sentinel, August 27, 2014

So looking at how this has been handled by the GOP and the media I started wondering… How can you effectively investigate fraud in the election when officials won’t allow you the access to information that would reveal the fraud? What are you so afraid of GOP? That a younger, more inspiring, principled leader might end your gravy train? Why is the media reporting things that aren’t true? Do they have an agenda?

One Clarion-Ledger article recently said this …http://on.thec-l.com/1piRzyw

” a state law on the books says election challenges must be filed within 20 days of the election. Consequently, Cochran’s attorneys say McDaniel’s challenge should have been filed by July 27 at the latest”

I have a question then, why did you report this a month ago?… [Read more...]

Chris McDaniel: Our Fight Isn’t Over

From the Chris McDaniel Campaign:


Dear Supporter,

On Friday, one thing became clear: our fight isn’t going to be easy.

Here are the facts:

  • We have filed a lawsuit that will seek to overturn Mississippi’s June 24 primary runoff election.
  • The fact that we are going to trial is great news, because as many as 40,000 illegal Democratic votes were cast in the Republican primary runoff.
  • The judge set the start date for the trial to September 16 and set the deadline for the trial’s end to October 6.

Now that we have a trial date, we know that voters in Mississippi will finally get to see the truth about the Mississippi Primary election. 

So here’s where we stand: We have done all the research and gathered all the evidence. We have built the winning case needed to throw out this sham election and start over. But the trial we need to have the desired outcome will be time-consuming and expensive.

Now more than ever, we need our supporters to chip in and help us get across the finish line.

We never imagined our campaign for liberty would require this sort of fight, but we are up to the challenge and our supporters are as well. Thanks for hanging with us. Please chip in if you can. 

We’ll keep you posted.



Midsouth Sentinel: Chris McDaniel is the future of the Republican Party

I have met the future of the Republican Party & it ain’t a 76 yr old Senator from MS … but he is a 42 yr old Senator from MS


Chris McDaniel spoke to Campaign For Liberty tonight in Memphis at Jason’s Deli. It was packed with standing room only. The media was there. I will have their take on his appearance as it becomes available.

It was interesting to be in the same room with the guy the Republican Party exhausted all of their resources and some from the opposite party to beat. 42,000 democrats. That’s what it took to beat back the future of the Republican Party, and make no mistake about it, he is the future, not the 41- years-in-the-Senate-is-just-not-enough-time-to-create-limited-government-policies Thad Cochran.

What was it like hearing from someone the establishment fought so hard to defeat? Refreshing. …

Read the entire article at Midsouth Sentinel


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