RNC Rules: No. 11(B) – Candidate Support

According to the public letter from leading conservatives to RNC Chair Reince Priebus, the nefarious tactics of the Barbour/Cochran machine against Chris McDaniel is likely in violation of the RNC’s own rules, adopted in 2012, specifically rule 11(B).  In their letter they wrote that the rule “makes clear the Committee’s belief that Republican nomination contests should be decided by the votes of Republicans – and which goes so far as to declare that the Republican National Committee shall not recognize as the nominee of the Republican Party any nominee whose nomination results from a process in which voters who participated in the selection of a nominee of any other party also participated in the selection of the Republican nominee.”

Here is the rule in question:

Rule No. 11 – Candidate Support

(b) No state Republican Party rule or state law shall be observed that allows persons who have participated or are participating in the selection of any nominee of a party other than the Republican Party, including, but not limited to, through the use of a multi-party primary or similar type ballot, to participate in the selection of a nominee of the Republican Party for that general election. No person nominated in violation of this rule shall be recognized by the Republican National Committee as the nominee of the Republican Party from that state.

It’s hard for us to believe that Reince Priebus will do anything to Henry Barbour, being that the RNC Chair is Haley Barbour’s boy!

Breitbart: Mississippi Supreme Court Rejects McDaniel’s Request For Access To Election Records

Mississippi Supreme Court Rejects McDaniel’s Request For Access To Election Records

By Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News, July 17, 2014


The Mississippi Supreme Court on Thursday rejected a request by state Sen. Chris McDaniel to grant him unfettered access to un-redacted election records from the June 24 GOP primary runoff against Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

McDaniel’s team had asked the court to issue a blanket ruling ordering courthouses throughout the state of Mississippi to grant him or his designees access to un-redacted poll books and other information at no cost. McDaniel’s legal team says that, while they have enough evidence—which they are not sharing with the public at this time—for a challenge of the election results, they want to fully examine all of the records in each of Mississippi’s 82 counties before doing so, because they can’t add new evidence into the case after the challenge is filed. Continue reading