MCD News Shorts: Corder, Salter, Wicker, Cowardly Republicans, and Obamacare

Corder and Salter Still At It

We here at MCD had to LOL at some of Frank Corder’s statements in his columns at Y’all Politics in recent weeks. They are interesting and worthy of a response.

“For all the Republican sky is falling Chicken Little chatter by the Tea Party and out of state talking heads, 2014 had the same fairy tale ending Thad Cochran has enjoyed throughout his prolific electoral history in Mississippi, thanks to the voters who once again put principles over personalities and results over rhetoric.”

Excuse me, principles over personalities? Cochran has principles? Do tell. Which principles could Corder mean? Food stamps, perhaps? Maybe big government and rampant spending? Runaway entitlements? The lowest score by the American Conservative Union? Being labeled the “King of Pork”? Those are principles, alright, just not the principles of true conservatives.

“Here’s an idea: instead of dividing or segregating yourself off from the rest of Mississippi’s conservatives (the 345,000 who supported Cochran over Childers on Tuesday) why not work within the existing structure to gain real policy influence and get results?

But that’s too much work, isn’t it?

It’s easy to sit back and throw rhetorical grenades from afar, to shout accusations and post social media half truths. It’s much more difficult to get in there and work with others who may ideologically agree with you but don’t necessarily align when it comes to how to achieve those shared goals. That’s work, real sausage making.”

Now understand something here, Corder made this statement just after he sat back and threw rhetorical grenades at those of us in the movement for ideological purity, while his colleagues at Y’all have labeled us everything under the sun, including oft-used “zealots.” But I guess that’s okay.

Much of Corder’s writing here sounds like a shot directly at Chris McDaniel and MCD! But what Corder, as well as others in the establishment, fail to understand is that we have been working within the existing structure for years, with compromise after compromise, and look where we are now!

Speaking of “ideological purity,” Sid Salter had an interesting column last week in which he made a statement we also found amusing:

“There are some in the state who want to repeat the internecine political warfare that was the 2014 Republican primary in the 2015 courthouse-to-statehouse elections. They want Republican primaries to be beauty contests that measure ideological purity.”

Again, is he referring to us? One thing is for sure, Salter, like Corder, doesn’t seem to have any real principles, except maybe the Republican Party label, and that’s no principle at all as recent history has shown us.

But I will give a rare shout of praise to Salter for one thing he did get right: “People who think they have heard the last of McDaniel weren’t listening or paying attention.”

And we pray that we will see this manifestation sooner rather than later.

Roger Wicker leads charge of cowardly Republicans

Soon after the Republican takeover of the Senate, as true conservatives predicted, the GOP was quick to cave in to Obama and his radical agenda. Within hours they promised no government shutdown, no impeachment, no nothing. This only proves Chris McDaniel absolutely right: We need fresh blood in the US Congress to enact real reform and make real, lasting changes. These old fogies will do nothing of the sort and must go.

And one of the ringleaders in the lightning speed bow-down was Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, newly elected head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“We’re not going to have any government shutdowns. We’re not going to have any threats of impeachment,” Wicker said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

So President Obama will be free to act as he wishes, as he did Thursday night with his illegal amnesty order, and Republicans will do nothing about it.

We hope all you Cochran supporters, and establishment backers, are happy now. You have assured us of more of the same – the further erosion of our republic. Congratulations on that one! But YOU own this, not us! So as it deteriorates, be honest and fess up!

Will Republicans really go after Obamacare?

Speaking of cowardly Republicans, what do you think the odds are that the Republicans will push very hard to repel Obamacare when the 3 largest receivers of insurance company money in Congress are:

(1)     John Boehner— $546,000

(2)     Mitch McConnell–$522,000

(3)     Paul Ryan–$474,000

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, insurance companies have contributed some $58.7 million to both political parties and its candidates through the 2012 election cycle, of which 68% went to Republicans.

So don’t hold your breath on any repeal of Obamacare, or any real healthcare reform, anytime soon with our current crop of leaders in Congress. Nothing is going to change and we will be stuck with Obamacare, or some other non-free market system, as long as they are in office.

Dot Ward: Moving Forward With GOP

Moving Forward with GOP

By Dot Ward, Clarion Ledger, November 17, 2014

Charles Krauthammer, in his Washington Post column following the Nov. 4 general election, nailed it when he said in a “memo” to the GOP, “You had a great night on Tuesday. But remember: You didn’t win it. The Democrats lost it.”

How right he is! I dare say that many of the votes cast in Mississippi were not enthusiastically in support of the Republican Party. When Obama stated a month before the election that “these (Obama’s) policies are on the ballot — every single one of them” the American people spoke and they spoke loudly in rejecting those policies. It was not an endorsement of the GOP. [Read more…]

Sarah Foster: Donate to the GOP? You Gotta Be Kidding

Donate to the GOP? You gotta be kidding

By Sarah Foster
,, November 7, 2014

“We are going to crush them everywhere. … I don’t think they [the Tea Party] are going to have a single nominee anywhere in the country,” -Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky

I’m sure glad the election is over. For one thing, it’ll give me a chance to clean out my inbox which for weeks has been flooded daily with pleas for money by Republican PACs and super PACs for candidates across the country, many of whom I knew next to nothing about – and from what I’ve learned I wouldn’t vote for anyway. What’s really crazy is that I’m not even a registered Republican (haven’t been for decades), yet I’ve been targeted for emails designed to guilt-trip me into donating to a slew of GOP campaigns and goals. Other voters like myself are registered with third parties, have told me the same story – they’re being money bombed by GOP groups. The Dems send stuff too, but nowhere near as much.

It started slowly several months ago as a trickle of requests, but became a tsunami the closer we got to the midterm elections.

I don’t recall this level of pressure in past elections – not even in 2010 and 2012. My quarrel is not because requests are being made, but with the strident pitch of these pleadings: it’s been insistent, demanding and downright insulting. [Read more…]

Politico: Haley Barbour’s Dumbest Quotes

Just in case you needed a little refresher from Haley “the Original Todd Akin” Barbour:

Haley Barbour’s 10 Most Barbed Quotes

By Tim Mark, Politico, September 4, 2012

Former Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour (R) stirred controversy Tuesday when it was revealed that he had said in a closed-door meeting of GOP donors that he wished New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie had “put a hot poker to Obama’s butt” in his keynote speech at the Republican National Convention.

Here’s POLITICO’s list of the top 10 quotes that illustrate the feisty — and controversial — style that has become the former governor’s trademark: [Read more…]

TPM: Time for a Barbour Boycott Movement

Is it time to boycott Haley Barbour over his ‘tar babies’ remarks?

By Peter Dreier, Talking Points Memo, November 12, 2014

Haley Barbour

What do Airbus Group, the American Health Care Association (a lobby group for hospitals and nursing homes), Amgen, Eli Lilly, and GalaxoSmithKline (drug companies), the Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce, Caesars Entertainment (a gambling casino outfit), the Canadian National Railway, Caterpillar (the farm equipment manufacturer), Chevron (the oil giant and America’s third largest corporation), Consumer Electronics Association (an industry lobby), JetBlue Airways, Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance, Mortgage Insurance Companies of America, the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (a union), PhRMA (the drug industry lobby), Raytheon (the giant defense contractor), the Republic of India, the State of Kazakhstan, Toyota, the University of Mississippi, the University of Florida, Xerox Corporation, the cities of Waukesha, Wisconsin, Johnsburg, Illinois, and Winter Park, Florida, and DuPage County, Illinois, have in common?

They are all clients of the BGR Group, the powerful lobbying firm headed by Haley Barbour, former chairman of the Republican National Committee and former Governor of Mississippi. They are among the many organizations who hired Barbour and BGR to wield political influence in Congress and in state capitals. Barbour co-founded BGR in 1991 to draw on his extensive network of political contacts to lobby on behalf of a wide range of clients, especially the oil industry, drug companies, defense contractors, the tobacco industry, and nursing homes and hospitals. BGR’s offices are located three blocks from the White House.

Last year, BGR’s clients paid the firm $14.6 million to lobby on their behalf, according the Center for Responsive Politics, where you can find a list of BGR’s clients.

But now BGR’s clients are confronted with a dilemma: Do they want a racist to represent them?

Barbour is not a subtle racist who makes bigoted jokes among friends in the privacy of his office, his home, and the golf course. He’s an outright in-your-face racist who has made a series of offensive comments in interviews that provoked controversy and required Barbour to defend himself or apologize. The most recent incident occurred last Thursday, when Barbour described President Barack Obama’s policies as “tar babies” during an hour long conference call with more than 100 BRG clients.

It is time for a Boycott Barbour movement. Customers and members of BRG’s clients should put pressure on those corporations, trade associations, cities, and one labor union to fire BGR as their lobbyist. And elected politicians and government officials should to refuse to meet with BGR lobbyists as long as Barbour is on its payroll. [Read more…]

MCD News Shorts: Obamacare, China and Russia, More Bad News for Democrats, and President John Tyler

Obamacare architect speaks the truth … at least according to Progressives

For those who may have missed it, there was quite a bit of outrage this week at Dr. Jonathan Gruber, the main architect of Obamacare, when he said that the government lied to the American people in order to get the bill passed and that the voters were “too stupid” to understand it anyway.

In case you missed it, you can see his comment below:

Of course we got the proverbial apology, citing it as simply an “off-the-cuff” remark, but Fox News broke the story that he used the same “stupid” comment on at least one other occasion:

This just proves what all conservatives know to be the honest truth: Progressives think the people are stupid and need the firm and guiding hand of government to make it through life.

So, why would Republicans want to compromise with such people?

Wheeling and dealing with China, while the Russians are on the move

We all knew that the weak-kneed Obama would cave-in to pressure from our adversaries abroad, as well as left-wing special interest groups here at home.  But in China today we got more bad news.  President Obama has cut a deal with China on greenhouse gas emissions, and anytime Democrats talk about that, it’s the American economy, and American workers, who always get screwed.  He has agreed to deeper cuts in our emissions by 2025, while China, the world’s worst polluter, will have until 2030 to make reductions but Republicans are correctly pointing out that China is “promising merely to stop it’s annual increase” in emissions, not make any real cuts.  Another great deal from Mr. Obama that hurts our nation and our economy.  When will we ever learn!

While China is screwing us over on the economic front, Russia is stepping up its military presence around the world.  The Russians have increased flights of their top nuclear bomber near Alaska and near NATO nation’s in Europe, but today they announced that those bomber flights would patrol the Gulf of Mexico.  Talk about provocations!  Yet it’s doubtless that our weak President will do anything about it.  The Soviets tried those tactics with Carter and they worked just the same but when Reagan entered the White House he pushed back.  And the Russians stopped their aggression.

It Just Keeps Getting Worse for Democrats

In more bad news for Democrats, Mark Begich lost his race for re-election to the United States Senate in Alaska.  Republican Dan Sullivan was today declared the winner.  This gives the GOP another seat, putting their total at 53.  And if Republicans grab Louisiana in their runoff next month, and it looks like Mary Landrieu is going down, the GOP would have 54 seats, providing a little more of a cushion.

And Landrieu is feeling the heat.  She is now calling for a vote on the Keystone Pipeline and Democrats, who have been blocking the bill, are now more eager to aid her embattled campaign.  Today on the Senate floor, Landrieu had this to say:

“I believe that we should take the new majority leader at his word and stop blocking legislation that is broadly supported by the American public and has been for quite some time. I want to say yes to majority leader — new majority leader Mitch McConnell. The time to start is now.”

Here’s the lesson: Never underestimate a Democrat’s desire to win re-election.  There’s nothing they won’t do to stay in power, even if it is joining with Republicans on an issue their own special interests have fought against for years.  The GOP should always keep this in mind when dealing with the left.

Republicans responded to this political gimmick with this statement:

“After years of ineffectiveness, this latest Hail Mary is yet another reminder that Mary Landrieu has failed Louisianans for years. Voters deserve a senator that doesn’t just show up in the 11th hour for political benefits, but will fight every day to create good jobs and economic opportunity for Louisiana.”

Landrieu’s move is blatantly transparent and it is hoped that the good folks in Louisiana won’t fall for it.

As for Democrats and their national popularity, Gallup released polling data today with devastating news:  the favorability of the Democratic Party has fallen to a record low of just 36 percent, while the Republican Congress is now more popular than President Obama.

If we could only get the Republicans to adopt a good, solid conservative agenda, the Democrats would be finished for decades.

Why does Mark Levin dislike John Tyler?

By Ryan S. Walters

549609790_81954d4101_zSince the midterm elections, in what is now the opening phase of the presidential race of 2016, a few GOP governors are already publicly stating their belief that the next President should be a governor, not a US Senator.  Mark Levin, in a Facebook post this week, attacked that notion, correctly pointing out that there have been several “awful” Presidents who had been governors.  But in the course of his comment, Levin threw President John Tyler, a former governor of Virginia, into that mix of “awful” Presidents.  I was curious as to why he would do that.  Levin is a great constitutional scholar, no doubt, but I’m not sure he knows all that much about John Tyler.

President John Tyler would be a strong conservative today, so much so that Dr. Ivan Eland, author of the excellent book Recarving Rushmore, ranks Tyler as the greatest President in American history because he limited government and preserved liberty.  Tyler believed in federalism, a limited government, and the strict construction of the Constitution.  During his one term as President, he restricted spending, vetoed bills calling for high tariffs, and killed two bills that attempted to create a national bank.  In fact, he favored sound money, that is paper currency backed by gold.

In May 1842, the Dorr Rebellion broke out in Rhode Island.  Tyler did not follow the path chosen by other Presidents, past and future, which was to send in federal troops.  He showed restraint and did not use the US military on the American people.  The uprising was handled ably by the state militia and the rebels disbursed.  He also ended the Second Seminole War, then the longest and bloodiest Indian war in American history, and presided over the successful annexation of Texas.

So I’m not really sure why Mark Levin, or any conservative for that matter, would think that President John Tyler was an “awful” President.  Perhaps, though, it is the fact that when he died in 1862 he was as a newly elected member of the Confederate House of Representatives.  But why should that reflect on his presidency?  He’s much better than he is given any credit for.

The Big Twig: Obama, Foreign Policy, and the Reality of Presidential Bravado

By Ryan S. Walters

“Politics is perception,” they say, and this is particularly true of foreign policy.  As President Obama embarks on another foreign trip this week to participate in a summit with China, ostensibly to confront Beijing on its violations of American interests, we can expect no breakthroughs in negotiations.  The reality is that Barack Obama a weak national leader who will not stand up for American rights and values at home or abroad.  And his failure to show anything like strength in his six years in the White House is weakening the United States by the day.

Strength. Toughness. Bravery. These virtues, or at least the perception of these qualities, can be a major asset to a President and history has shown that to be true. The opposite, particularly when dealing with a strong and aggressive foe, can be downright disastrous. [Read more…]


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