On Hypothetical McDaniel-Reeves Race, Establishment Wrong Once Again

By Ryan S. Walters

How many times does the Republican Establishment, particularly the hacks at Y’all Politics, have to be wrong before they lose all credibility?504267449

In the latest of a long string of smears directed against Senator Chris McDaniel, the staff at Y’all Politics (most likely Alan Lange or Frank Corder) examined a supposed race between McDaniel and Tate Reeves.

“Put simply,” they write, “Reeves would politically skull-crush McDaniel in a primary, head-to-head.”

Oh really? So, kinda like, to use the words of Henry Barbour, in a race against Thad Cochran, McDaniel “will get his head handed to him and he will deserve it”? How Nephew Henry has any credibility in the State of Mississippi is beyond me!

Here are some hard facts and a serious examination of a race between Chris McDaniel and Tate Reeves.

When Senator McDaniel began his race against Thad Cochran in October 2013, the so-called, and self-appointed, political geniuses across Mississippi, like the folks at Y’all, thought the campaign would be a joke.

In December 2013, two months after McDaniel entered the race, the Gulf Live blog called Cochran “the most unbeatable politician in Mississippi.” In fact, in a poll in January 2013, long before any challenge was announced, Cochran sat atop the heap as the most popular politician in the state in terms of favorability, spot the Clarion Ledger wrote “might make would-be challengers think twice.” And no one had ever considered a challenge to his supremacy. Only a fool would confront him, it was thought.

Well, Senator Chris McDaniel is no fool. But when he announced his run, he was seen and depicted as one. The Y’all Politics resident political expert, Frank Corder, a man who lost his race for mayor of Pascagoula by a huge margin with a grand total of 700 votes, believed McDaniel would lose by at least 20 points. Pete “the cheat” Perry, the Boss of Hinds County, predicted McDaniel would get just 20 percent of the vote!

But a funny thing happened on the way to Election Day 2014, and the Establishment found out the hard way what kind of man and candidate Chris McDaniel is.

Though many of the Establishment Republicans in Mississippi seem to want to continue to live in fantasyland, the fact remains that Chris McDaniel beat Thad Cochran not once but twice. It’s the only time in his long political career that Cochran ever lost a vote, as he clearly did on June 3.

In the June 24 runoff, Senator McDaniel won more than 184,000 Republican votes, some 60 percent of the GOP voters in Mississippi, the most Republican votes ever received in a Republican primary. He didn’t need to lie, cheat, manipulate, or race-bait to convince Democrats to vote for him, like Cochran did. Republicans went to the polls en mass to support him. That’s impressive in anyone’s book.

And what about Tate Reeves? He won his primary election in 2011 with just 110,000 votes, far less than Senator McDaniel in his race against the “unbeatable” Cochran.tate-reeves

Furthermore, in a PPP poll in November 2013, when it was thought Cochran might retire, Chris McDaniel led the survey of seven possible replacements with 25 percent support. Hosemann was second with 15 percent. And Tate? Well he brought up the rear with a whopping 3 percent, seventh and last place!

Simply put, such a hypothetical race would NOT be a political skull-crush of Senator McDaniel. A McDaniel-Reeves contest would result in a Mashed Tater!

Senator Chris McDaniel on Focal Point with Bryan Fischer

January 23, 2015

Breitbart: Mississippi’s Chris McDaniel Launches New PAC Designed To Crack GOP Establishment

By Matthew Boyle, Breitbart News, January 23, 2015


The GOP establishment can’t make Mississippi state Sen. Chris McDaniel go away.

On Friday, McDaniel will be announcing—he told Breitbart News exclusively—a new Political Action Committee (PAC) designed to help conservatives across Mississippi, and the nation, get elected to political office, replacing GOP establishment politicians.

The PAC, titled the United Conservatives Fund will focus on “electing conservatives and holding Republicans accountable while messaging conservatism in a way that secures conservatives get a chance to be elected even over some of those in the establishment,” McDaniel  tells Breitbart.

What we’re focused on here is a couple of things: The first is we’re creating an organization that speaks directly to conservatism, not to party. Second, we want an organization that will focus on outreach. We do outreach based on logical and intricate messaging. And lastly, we’ve got to be able to hold our officials accountable because despite the grassroots complaining and despite our wishes, so far the Republican leadership in the establishment has ignored us. This fund will be used to make them listen to us once and for all.

McDaniel is the man for the job. [Read more…]

Senator Chris McDaniel Launches ‘United Conservatives Fund’, Will Discuss Future Political Plans on Five-City Tour

Laurel, MS–Senator Chris McDaniel today announced a week-long series of events across Mississippi to discuss the official launch of a new political action committee. McDaniel said the UnitedUCF-FB Conservatives Fund (UCF) was organized by conservative thought-leaders, grassroots volunteers and community leaders from across the state.

“Following what happened in the Republican Primary runoff for the U.S. Senate on June 24, 2014, Conservatives are more ready for mobilization and action than ever,” said McDaniel. “I have the enviable position of having the best of the best thought-leaders in the state and across the country ready to devote their time, money and effort to do what is needed to be sure the truth of conservatism is never again misrepresented by the politically powerful like it was here.”

McDaniel says the executive committee members and more details regarding the organizational structure and objectives of UCF will be announced in the next week at events across the state in a five-city tour. [Read more…]

Free Trader John McCain Threatens Mississippi Shipbuilding Industry

By Ryan S. Walters

We were told throughout the Mississippi Senate race that if Chris McDaniel, that rascally Tea Partier, replaced Thad Cochran in the US Senate it would mean the end of Ingalls Shipbuilding on the Gulf Coast.  This is despite the fact that Senator McDaniel believes passionately in a strong national defense, with naval power being a vital component to it, and fair trade practices.

Now we discover, from a Clarion Ledger story, that the much-vaunted free trader John McCain, who campaigned for Thad Cochran on the Coast, is seeking to repeal what he calls adownload “protectionist” measure that’s been in force for nearly a century.  The Jones Act, or Merchant Marine Act, requires that ships that operate exclusively in American waters should be American built and owned.  According to Senator McCain, the Jones Act is “an antiquated law that has for too long hindered free trade, made U.S. industry less competitive and raised prices for consumers.” McCain said, for example, that an American ship could carry crude oil from the Gulf Coast to a Northeastern U.S. refinery for $6 per barrel. A foreign-flagged ship could do the same for $2 per barrel.

But remember this is the same US Senator who failed to beat the community organizer in 2008 and admitted something extraordinary during that campaign:  “I don’t understand economics,” he said.  And it shows, especially when he talks about trade.  He once said he had never read a credible argument for protectionism.  Well I can name several right off the top of my head without even trying hard!  Protectionism, my dear Senator, transformed this nation from an economic joke to the largest economy in the world in less than a century! [Read more…]

McDaniel Supporter Nails Tate Reeves on Legislative Flipflop

At the start of the legislative session, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves unveiled his agenda for the upcoming (election) year.  Many conservatives were struck by the fact that many of his legislative proposals had been introduced in previous sessions by conservative senators like Chris McDaniel and Melanie Sojourner, yet Reeves blocked those bills.  MCD will have a lot more on this story in the upcoming weeks.

But this evening, a solid McDaniel and Sojourner supporter, Ken Stroud, nailed Tater on Facebook for a major flipflop – the elimination of vehicle safety stickers:


Well said Ken!  Yet another example of how shallow, political calculating, and utterly transparent Tate Reeves actually is!  Time to bounce him!


McDaniel: Restraining Presidential Power: Executive Orders

By Senator Chris McDaniel

Soon after the Republican sweep in the midterm elections, President Obama issued a very controversial executive order on immigration, allowing a minimum of five million illegals to remain in thechris-mcdaniel-bus-flag-ap country without fear of deportation.  This order essentially granted them amnesty and nullified federal laws governing aliens who crossed into the country illegally.

Now, bear in mind, Obama has said on at least 22 different occasions that the powers of the presidency do not give him the authority to issue such an order. In one such instance, he told the Spanish network Telemundo:  “I’m not a king. My job as the head of the executive branch ultimately is to carry out the law.  When it comes to enforcement of our immigration laws, we’ve got some discretion. We can prioritize what we do. But we can’t simply ignore the law.”

But ignore the law he did. [Read more…]


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