Harrison County GOP Criticizes MSGOP For Interfering in Biloxi Mayoral Race

State Chair Joe Nosef, Governor Phil Bryant question the Republican credentials of mayoral race winner, says had support from Democrats.  Oh the hypocrisy of it all!

Harrison County GOP Blasts State Party

Clarion Ledger, May 15, 2015

The Harrison County Republican Executive Committee is protesting what it calls the state party’s interference in the Biloxi mayor’s race.

Chairman Frank Genzer of Biloxi told The Sun Herald that local Republicans are upset about a letter from state Chairman Joe Nosef that questioned the GOP credentials of Andrew “FoFo” Gilich.

Gilich won a special election Tuesday with nearly 60 percent of the vote. Gilich becomes the city’s first new mayor since 1993. He will serve the final two years of a term started by former Mayor A.J. Holloway, who resigned earlier this year.

Ten candidates ran in the April 28 special election, with Gilich and Harrison County Supervisor Windy Swetman advancing to the runoff.

Nosef backed Swetman for mayor as did three high-profile Republicans — Gov. Phil Bryant, Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves and U.S. Rep. Steven Palazzo.

Gilich was endorsed by Holloway and another former mayor, Gerald Blessey.

Gilich had been a Democrat but said he switched to the GOP several years ago.

Genzer said Nosef’s letter included a photo that he said shows Gilich and former President Bill Clinton at a “Hillary for President” rally.

Genzer said the letter was a surprise. “I have had a lot of conversations with the Gilich campaign and I committed to them we knew absolutely nothing locally about that and that we were sort of blind-sided like everyone else,” he said. “I got it just like everyone else did.”

Bryant defended his endorsement of Swetman.

“Windy is someone that supported me during my campaign as I ran for governor, somebody that I’ve been close to. He’s a real Republican conservative and I thought it was something that I needed to do.

“I hope Mr. Gilich does a really good job. I certainly wish him all the best. But it appeared Windy had been a longtime Republican. Mr. Gilich appeared to have a lot of support from the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party leadership. That did have some influence on my decision,” Bryant said.

Bryant said Swetman had supported his campaign for governor.

“The clear indication was to me that Windy Swetman was someone on my team as a Republican at the time I needed him when I was running for governor, and that’s just something that you don’t forget…” Bryant said.

Genzer said it’s standard protocol for the state party to contact the local party before taking any action, such as an endorsement. He said the local party didn’t endorse any candidate.

“It infuriated us that they decided which one was the better Republican,” he said. “You don’t do that.”

McDaniel: Mississippians Show The Nation That Our Tears Are Neither Black Nor White

By Senator Chris McDanielrsz_1cmac2

On Saturday May 9, Mississippians were shocked to learn that two Hattiesburg police officers, Benjamin Deen and Liquori Tate — one white, one black — were senselessly gunned down after making what appears to have been a routine traffic stop. To date, law enforcement on the local, state and federal levels have arrested eight individuals for the crime.

In the aftermath of this terrible tragedy, what we witnessed was nothing short of remarkable, as the entire community of Hattiesburg, the greater Pine Belt, and all of Mississippi came together to mourn their tragic deaths and to honor their memories. [Read more…]

Funeral for Officer Liquori Tate #HattiesburgPolice

Once again Mississippians at their best, turning out in mass numbers, despite the weather, for the funeral procession of Officer Liquori Tate!

Hattiesburg-Liquori-Tate [Read more…]

Funeral Procession for Officer Benjamin Deen #HattiesburgPolice

Mississippians are truly incredible people!

7768584_G [Read more…]

United Conservatives Fund Responds to False Reports on Y’all Politics

The United Conservatives Fund (UCF) today released the following statement regarding a false report on the website YallPolitics.com.  The post headline claimed UCF was “backing” a candidate for Lt. Governor in the upcoming statewide elections, and the article claimed the race was “widely expected to be a litmus test for tea party/liberty groups including the United Conservatives Fund.”

“Once again we see how Alan Lange and his cohorts at Y’all Politics are fond of broad misrepresentations without respect to facts,” said UCF spokesperson Keith Plunkett. “UCF has a system in place for candidates to submit their information, and our executive committee is looking at many who have done so. The United Conservatives Fund has had no contact with Mrs. McEllhenney or her campaign. Should she decide to reach out we will take a look at her information just like we have all the others.” [Read more…]

Sadly, Gun Control Politics Has Entered the Picture in the Hattiesburg Tragedy

Ryan S. Walters | @ryanswalters73

Even though we hoped that politics could be kept out of the recent tragedy in Hattiesburg on Saturday night, we all knew it was coming sooner or later. Democrats just can’t help themselves. Tragedies are always used to promote liberal policies, as shameless as that tactic is.

And that’s the case with the murder of two Hattiesburg police officers, as the illustrious and articulate Democratic Mayor Johnny Dupree appeared on Fox News to lay the blame on the state’s gun laws, specifically two new laws that allow Mississippians to carry firearms either openly or concealed without a permit.

“For whatever reason we’re passing some kind of laws I don’t think are good for our country,” he said on Fox. And because of these laws, “police officers have to be real vigilant now.” [Read more…]

Hawkins: What is the GOP Establishment? – A Definition

By Dustin Hawkins, Conservative Politics Expert, About.News.com


The Republican establishment, or more commonly among conservatives just “the establishment,” refers to the permanent political class and structure that makes up the Republican Party. The establishment tends to control the rules of the party system, party elections, and funding disbursements. The establishment is typically viewed as more elitist, politically moderate, and out-of-touch with conservative voters. [Read more…]


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