The Great Mississippi Divide: McDaniel Republicans vs. Cochran Republicans

Whose side are you on?

By Ryan S. Walters

Like it or not there is, at present, a civil war inside the Republican Party. It is a battle over the soul of the party, over its ideology, and over which direction the party will take in the future. One side is very conservative, the ideological children of Jefferson, who seek to reform government from top to bottom, while the others, the establishment, want to maintain the status quo with a more moderate to liberal approach.

The split has always been there, going back to the days of Lincoln and TR. But it’s probably more prominent now than at any time since Teddy’s Bull Moose progressive insurgency. Now, though, the insurgents are the conservatives, or true conservatives to be more precise. [Read more...]

A Historic Effort: Defending the Chris McDaniel Campaign

A few days ago the leftwing website Politico named the Chris McDaniel campaign as one of the worst of 2014, comparing his effort to those of serial liar Wendy Davis of Texas, the drab Pat Roberts of Kansas, and others, many which were actually flops. Unsurprisingly, the establishment hacks at Y’all Politics couldn’t resist reprinting the nonsense on its site the same day.mcdaniel-point-AP

Nor could Sam Hall, who, in his Clarion Ledger column yesterday took the same shot at McDaniel by citing the Politico story. [Read more...]

Chambers: Once Again Karl Rove Proves He Does Not Get It

Once again Karl Rove proves he does not get it

By Dean Chambers, Arlington Conservative Examiner, September 25, 2014


Last week, the media’s favorite GOP guru, Karl Rove, wrote a piece in the Wall Street Journal fretting about how the Republicans might be doomed this year because the Democrats have raised $109 million to the GOP’s $80 million for this year’s campaigns. That is why Rove thinks the GOP might fail to win the majority in the Senate this year? Karl Rove seems to be more clueless by the day. [Read more...]

Bloomberg: Mississippi Tea Partiers Vow to Keep Fighting State GOP

Mississippi Tea Partiers Vow to Keep Fighting State GOP

By Annie Linskey, Bloomberg Business Week Political Blog, September 25, 2014

Cheramie Bills is on a mission to uproot Mississippi’s Republican establishment. “When I say the GOP in this state will be replaced, it will be replaced, one person at a time,” Bills says, leaning across the table at the Drip Drop Coffee Shop in Richland, Miss., just outside Jackson, the state capital. “From supervisors to city mayors to everyone.” [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy Astounds in MSGOP Facebook Post

Just when you thought the Mississippi Republican Party could not get any more hypocritical than they already are, they surprise us again!

The Mississippi GOP, in a posting on Facebook, attacked Travis Childers and Rickey Cole for taking a page from the liberal playbook – the class card.  President Obama knew “hope” and “change” would not “win him a second term, so he used class envy to play on the worst instincts of his voters.”  So now Childers and Cole are doing likewise, they tell us.  Democrats “love playing the ‘rich versus poor’ game. That’s a great political tactic, but not the way to fix an election.”

Are these people serious?  Are they really condemning liberal divide-and-conquer tactics but would not condemn the race-baiting of Cochran/Barbour?  And they wonder why we distrust and despise them!

Here is a screen shot of the post so you can read it in it’s entirety:

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.55.41 PM

Let’s show the Democrats that “class warfare doesn’t work in Mississippi.”  So I guess race-baiting does?  Let’s show the MSGOP in November that their despicable tactics won’t fly either!!

From Chris McDaniel: Good News and Bad News

We won a victory in court on Monday.

Judge Hollis McGehee ruled that Secretary of State Delbert Hoseman’s statements to the Clarion-Ledger that there was no deadline for filing a challenge will be added to the record for our appeal.

This ruling is important for our case. The head of elections in Mississippi agrees that we have the right to appeal the primary runoff in court. [Read more...]

American Spectator: What Karl Rove Won’t Tell You

What Karl Rove Won’t Tell You

Wave goodbye to the Republican wave?

By Scott McKay, American Spectator, September 23, 2014


Last Wednesday (Sept. 17), former George W. Bush political guru and current Republican Super PAC king Karl Rove took to the pages of the Wall Street Journal to exhort that paper’s readers to make it rain to the benefit of Republican senatorial candidates with just six weeks left before Election Day. [Read more...]


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